REALY! PNG format for Images used on the web?

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Ok, what is it with people using PNG images for the web?
Here is my take on this issue.
Don’t do it!
The PNG format for images is ment to be used in programs such as Adobe FreeHand or PhotShop.
The file size for this type of image is MUCH larger than an image file should be for use on the internet.
My example shows an image that is 615px wide by 439px high. Both the PNG and JPG images are of the same quality. The PNG however, wieghs in at about 245 kilobytes, while the JPG is only about 35kb. So, the image in the PNG format is 7 times larger then the same image saved as a jpg.

As a rule of thumb, web pages should be about 90k or less (images and all) so that your pages download fast – this keeps your site visitors from going into a coma while they wait for each page to download and because of the increase in mobile devices being used to browse the internet, this becomes even more af an issue.
If we use the 90k per page limit rule and have the PNG image used in my example, we are 155k over the limit before we even add any actual content to the page. I’ll say it one last time. There is almost no reason to EVER use PNGs on a webpage.
This may be why browsers can open a jpg file but not a PNG file.
Because of this, I had to create a webpage displaying the two images, rather then linking directly to the images.


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