How To Change Sensitivity In Battlefield 1

19/10/2016 · The range is more then wide enough from 1 inch to 100 if you want to, i don't understand why they need to change it every f*cking time! I guess they want to mess up your muscle memory up with every new game lol […]

How To Download Tinklepad On Kodi

How to download and install Celtic Dragon Build for Kodi V17 Krypton. Celtic Dragon is a popular build right now, and has a great mystical design. Celtic Dragon is a popular build right now, and has a great mystical design. […]

How To Choose A Mattress Pad

When choosing a new sleeping pad, its helpful to keep the following considerations in mind: Car camping: When youre not limited by size and weight, you can choose a thicker, larger mattress […]

How To Call Private In Canada

Anonymous call reject will only work if BOTH the name and phone number are blocked. For example a call from “Unknown Name: 555-555-5555” will go through. For example a call from “Unknown Name: 555-555-5555” will go through. […]

How To Delete Collections Moments From Iphone

Even with hundreds of photos on my iPhone, I rarely if ever use the Years, Collections, and Moments views to browse through my photos. I don't like the tiny thumbnails and the dead space between […]

How To Draw An Open Book In Illustrator

This image is drawn in my sketchbook in pencil and then painted with ink using a fine brush it's a drawing for the cover of my new book, 'This belongs to me'. Scan the image in hi-res JPG or TIFF at 300dps, drag and drop into an open Illustrator page or go to Image>Place. […]

How To Delete A Message Sent To Me In Facebook

26/01/2017 · You can’t delete a Facebook message from both sides, Only you can delete messages from your side. After deleting messages from your side, your friends can see messages that you sent them. Watch this video to know […]

How To Draw Chibi Scarf

How to Draw Cute Kawaii / Chibi Cartoon Penguins in a Scarf for Winter Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial for Kids - How to Draw Step by Step Drawing Tutorials . Let's have some fun drawing theseWinter is still here! Let's have some fun drawing these two little penguins! Easy Chibi Drawings Love Drawings Cute Disney Drawings Kawaii Drawings Cartoon Drawings Simple Drawings Drawing … […]

How To Download Revit Architecture Free

Revit software is specifically built for Building Information Modeling (BIM), empowering design and construction professionals to bring ideas from concept to construction with a coordinated and consistent model-based approach. […]

How To Become Less Emotional Of A Eater

Emotional eating may be linked to your childhood. Perhaps home baked cookies or macaroni and cheese automatically trigger positive or comforting memories from the past. Perhaps home baked cookies or macaroni and cheese automatically trigger positive or comforting memories from the past. […]

How To Close Leatherman Pocket Knife

21/02/2018 · Leatherman C33 Pocket Knife Intro Tired of tearing apart Amazon boxes by hand I headed over to Amazon to look for a pocket knife, I have a small Victronix pocket knife that’s very worse for wear but I’ve always considered those the gold standard of multi-tools, I’d never considered alternatives until this venture as I wanted just a knife which isn’t something Victronix pocket knives […]

How To Build A One Man Helicopter

He gets full marks for trying first time I seen counter rotating propellers on a home build A local fellow has been building auto Gyros since the 1970's (Ganville) a fellow has been building one man enclosed helicopters in Alberta almost as long (Scorpion ) I knew a local father and son team built a 2 seater took it on the first flight out in […]

How To Connect Mobile To Tv Via Usb Cable

11/01/2019 cable hdmiconnector for android phone and tablet to tv you can connect phone to tv screen using usb hdmi cable, hdmicable, hdmi-splatter, usb cable, vga cable, mhl connector or usb otg. connect tv to be a second screen for your phone by an MHL adapter and an USB HDMI cable and lets you enjoy your screen on HD TV […]

How To Audition For So You Think You Can Dance

1/06/2011 · So You Think You Can Dance‘s audition rounds can get confusing. And not just because of Lil’ C’s dictionary-bending vocabulary. No, sometimes it’s tough to decipher the judges decisions […]

How To Cut Fresh Parsley

Chopping parsley is painless when you follow Chef John's flawless shaving method. But it's an even faster exercise if you washed and bundled your Italian parsley in advance. But it's an even faster exercise if you washed and bundled your Italian parsley in advance. […]

How To Break A Pdf Into Parts

Combining Two PDF into One v. Combining Two PDF into One software to generate create merge combine compare two large PDF files into one and split crack break cut several batch PDF files into … […]

How To Buy Referrals From Doctor

Naturally, something were asked about a lot is how to get more referrals. Referrals are key to growing any business, regardless of size, industry, location, or market. While buying patterns have changed dramatically, what hasnt changed are the basic principles of human psychology: people are […]

How To Build A Steel Fireplace Insert

Attach a pulling cone to the end of a stainless steel vent liner and tie a rope to the pulling cone. 8. From the roof, drop the rope down the chimney. Feed the vent into the chimney while a helper down below pulls the rope to guide the vent into the fireplace opening. 9. Make the electrical connections to the side of the fireplace insert. 10. Remove the pulling cone from the vent liner, then […]

How To Change Wifi Password On Bell Internet

How do I change my Wi-Fi password? Go to IP address, on your web browser to access your gateway settings. Username: admin Password: “found on your gateway label”. […]

How To Build A Dart Board

Take your game room or man cave to the next level with a custom dartboard from Zazzle. Personalize this customizable dartboard by uploading your own design, image or picture to place as the background of your dartboard. […]

How To Close My Laptop Without It Turning Off

If you find yourself on this screen and you want to turn off your computer, press ctrl-alt-delete. Linux will go through the shutdown process, and then reboot your computer. When your computer starts rebooting (during the memory test, the POST screen, or the GRUB menu) you may safely power off your computer. [REF TO BOOTUP CHAPTER]. […]

How To Become A Cigarette Distributor

20/09/2009 · If you want to become a C&F agents, you have meet certain criteria as prescribed by the Company. For more details , you may please visit Meanwhile, you can approach Your area C&F agent, already appointed by ITC, for possibility of having sub - distribution. […]

How To Draw Cartoon Link

Cartoon Tutorial Drawing Tips Drawing Reference Manga Illustration Girl Cartoon Cartoon Drawings Drawing Studies Character Drawing Character Design References Forwards "I thank God for the life he gave me" special Thanks to and If you guys can donate points to my page will be eternally grateful! thank you very much How to sketch Cartoon Girl […]

How To Cook Crawfish Tails

The Best Crawfish Tail Meat Recipes. No matter what time of year it is, crawfish are just plain good eating. Many people like to boil these little critters, but there … […]

How To Bring Up A Burp

Pay attention to the way your baby eats to determine when to take a break for burping. Attempt to burp your baby after he consumes between 2 and 3 ounces of formula or between breasts if breastfeeding, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. […]

How To Draw Anime Body 2 Year Old

"Base model for anime drawing" "Base Model 2 by on @deviantART" See more Guy Drawing Drawing People Manga Drawing Drawing Tips Painting & Drawing Figure Drawing 3d Drawing Tutorial Drawing Style Anime Drawing Tutorials. Anime drawing tips. Sarah Exley. Anime How - To's: Full Body Base. What others are saying "Not realistic proportions but a great way to … […]

Tomb Raider Anniversary How To Change Saved Game

The game itself works fine on the GPD Win except its not possible to save. Tried every possible solution found on the web without any luck. The options "load" and "save game" are greyed out and "unable to create profile" coming up on the beginng as well. Using the … […]

How To Dpf Delete 6.6 Duramax

NOT FOR SALE IN THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA This Sinister Diesel LML Duramax EGR Delete Kit is designed for the 2011 to early-style 2015 Chevrolet 2500 & 3500 HD and takes the place of your stock EGR Valve and Cooler system. […]

How To Cut A Propane Tank For A Smoker

Learn how to make your own Barbeque Smoker with this series of 74 tuitional video lessons. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do something new. […]

How To Add Lines To Host File Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8.1 ; Microsoft Windows 8.1 With update Delete comment lines - Enabled / Disabled hosts file - Enabled / Disabled DNS Client Service - Enabled / Disabled UAC - Flushing the DNS cache clears all entries and reloads the entries from the Hosts file.. - View the current DNS resolver cache content and the entries preloaded from the Hosts file. - Add Serbian-Latin language […]

How To Become Better In Life

You only have inanimate objects that need to tell a story. Still life photography is different than landscape or portrait photography. This means everything matters, the way you position and frame all the elements, the lighting, the background and the focus. […]

How To Clean Algae From Stucco

Once you have the surfaces clean, you can inhibit the growth of algae if you coat the surfaces with a biocide. Copper is a natural biocide as is zinc to a lesser degree. If you have an exposed copper or zinc strip about 6 inches wide along the top of your roof, each time it … […]

How To Download 360 Photos From Facebook

• Post on Facebook: Post 360 views on your wall or send to a photo album — all from the app. • Tweet in 360: Share jaw-dropping scenes your friends can view anywhere, even inside their Twitter app. […]

How To Cut Rock For Wall

The Right Way to Cut a Hole in a Plaster Wall What You'll Need. Reciprocating saw Whatever the reason, cutting a hole in a plaster wall can be quite difficult. Plaster walls are much harder and denser than those constructed from drywall. If you hope to cut a hole in the wall without destroying the finish on the entire, wall you need to follow a specific procedure. It is best to begin this […]

How To Add Players From Ps4 On Pc Fornite

First, the console user needs to install the Epic Games launcher on a PC, log into his new account and add his PC friend. Or, tell the PC user to sign out of the launcher and log in with the credentials of the console user. Again, once logged in, add the console user in the friends. Now, the PC user go can back to his account and accept the friend request. […]

How To Connect A Volteter To A Circuit

This is helpful if, for instance, you are building a circuit and connecting wires or soldering; the beep indicates everything is connected and nothing has come loose. You can also use it to make sure two things are not connected, […]

How To Detect And Diagnose Lung Cancer

This test helps your doctor know if the cancer has spread to any of your lymph nodes (glands in your body's lymphatic system). First, you will be put under general anesthesia (in a deep sleep). The doctor makes a small cut in your neck and inserts a thin tube. The tube collects fluid samples and biopsies (pieces of tissue) from the lymph nodes near your throat and lungs. The samples are tested […]

How To Draw Sea Animals Step By Step Easy

In this step by step tutorial, well take a look at how to draw a seahorse. Just like drawing any other sea creature or any creature for that matter well break the subject down into easy to draw shapes. Once we have the basic shapes in place, well add the contour lines and finish off the details. […]

How To Buy A Domain Name And Host

You want to buy your own domain name but have no idea where to start? Not to worry, it is super easy. If you can shop online, Name servers. If you already have hosting purchased (more about that in a future post) you will need to add your namesever details here. They would have been given to you by your host when you signed up. They will look like dns2.mynameserver […]

How To Build A Touchscreen Jukebox

30/06/2013 · I guess if pictures tell a thousand words, I repeated myself a lot in the first post. Here's a bit more of a written description: Late last year I felt the need to build another project and I particularly liked the thought of a touch-screen jukebox. […]

How To Draw Rudolph Step By Step Easy

1400x1830 How To Draw Cartoon Santa Claus And Reindeer Easy Step By Step. 1280x720 How To Draw Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Easy Art Lesson. 300x200 How To Draw A Cute Reindeer. 2666x1500 How To Draw A Reindeer. 1280x720 How To Draw A Reindeer Reindeer Easy Draw Tutorial. 212x302 How To Draw How To Draw A Reindeer For Kids . 5120x3840 Se Narisati Easy Way To Draw […]

How To Cook Mutton Snapper

PHOTO CREDIT: Jillian Morris. What are you going to do with all that mutton snapper youre catching in The Bahamas (or elsewhere)? Either cook it up yourself, or head on over to Bimini Sands resort and ask Chef Lightbourne to prepare you a tasty treat! […]

How To Build Your Own Tank

27/10/2016 · i just made my tank out of 0.090 aluminum with a tunnel for the drive shaft with a sump on each side. filler is a flush harley cap. cross over under pinion is 3/8 tubing with an-6 tube nuts and feed to pump is -8 an. there are 2 baffles and a box for the vent tube because i could only make the vent 1" higher then the tank. […]

How To Cut Formica Strips

These guillotine blades work great for cutting Formica strips off to length. We have used them for years when resurfacing kitchen cabinets. For example, if you were re-laminating a cabinet face, you would stick the stiles first. Then, the top and bottom rail pieces would get cut […]

How To Create An Order Form In Excel 2010

Create A Drop Down List From A Range Of Cells To create a drop down list from the contents of a range of cells, first of all type in the values you want to appear … […]

How To Begin The Mannequin

There is also a single neutral mannequin NPC serving as a checkout clerk. If the cart does not have the five items, they will press a button that opens up the floor. The player falls in and will have to start the segment again. During the Fear School level, there are a lot of mannequins wandering around, and will glow red and charge towards the player while making a motor noise if they spot […]

How To Clean A Clarinet With Rubbing Alcohol

If you’ve never used rubbing alcohol for cleaning, you’re going to be so amazed. Just make sure everything is good and dry before you turn on your stove. Liquid rubbing alcohol is flammable! It should evaporate within about 3/4 of a second though. […]

How To Change Text Style On Iphone

Apple's iPhone provides for many conveniences as a cell phone, but there is a decided lack of personalization that the owner can add to it. Changing the color of the "bubbles" that contain the text being sent or received from the short message service cannot be changed by the owner unless the iPhone has been modified. The modified iPhone allows the owner to change the color of the […]

How To Clean Marble Table Top Stains

How To Clean Marble Coffee Table: Maintenance And Stain Removal Careful maintenance is one of the primary things that will help you avoid stains and save plenty of effort while cleaning. If a coffee table has a marble top, make sure that you leave no sitting water (or any other liquids) on the surface. Despite its impressive durability, marble is still a porous material and sitting liquids can […]

How To Cut Butternut Squash Fries

Cutting the cumbersome squash into fries Cutting a butternut squash can be a bit tricky. They are oddly shaped, thick, and take a little umph behind the knife to cut. […]

How To Cook Marinated Rib Eye Steak In The Oven

A good steak is always a five. Pro Tips: Notes on Pan Seared Oven Roasted Strip Steak What is a strip steak? The strip steak is a cut from the short loin from a cow which is located behind the rib … […]

How To Close Avast Antyvirus

The Avast Free Antivirus offline installer isn’t on the default download page. It’s on a different download page that dedicated for offline installers for all Avast’s products. To download Avast Free Antivirus offline installer for Windows 10 64 bit or 32 bit PC (regardless of whether it’s an desktop or laptop computer), go to this […]

How To Cook Chinese Egg Noodles

Cook the noodles or pasta as per instruction which can be read at the back of the packaging. Temper the soy sauce with water, observing a 1:1 ratio and set aside. Get your skillet and put over a medium-high heat, and then pour a small amount of oil. […]

How To Download Fast Player Videos

Download and install the update (link in Resources) to your browser, if applicable. If your browser is already up-to-date, download the uninstaller for Flash Player (link in Resources). If your browser is already up-to-date, download the uninstaller for Flash Player (link in Resources). […]

How To Change Recovery Email In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook crash may lead to OST file corruption, in such cases convert your OST file to PST for accessing emails and other Outlook attributes from it. If Exchange Server mail box associated with OST file gets deleted, then OST file becomes orphan. […]

Mysql Workbench How To Connect To Database

How to connect to the K1000 Appliance database using MySQL Workbench Description. This article provides information on where to download the MySQL workbench and a link on how to access the K1000 database using MySQL Workbench. Resolution. It can be […]

How To Download Library Books To Kobo Touch

Note: The following eReaders do not have a SD card slot: Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2, Kobo Aura ONE, Kobo Aura Edition 2, Kobo Touch 2.0, and Kobo Mini Copy the books you want to add to your eReader to your Micro SD card. […]

How To Clean Up My Pc Windows 8

6/08/2015 -8.75 (-0.34%) Dow Futures 23,881.00-72.00 (-0 You can stream content from the Xbox to your Windows 10 PC with just a few steps. This allows you store data on the game console and free up […]

How To Download Full Soundcloud Music

It is not possible to listen to the full version of the music which is made for previewing purposes only. So if you give a link related to a music preview then we cannot generate download links for the full music file. But we will generate download links for the music preview. As an example try this URL. […]

How To Cut Anarkali Suit Kali

The red bridal Anarkali Suit with golden embroidery, mirror and Zari work is a favourite of modern-would-be brides. The next that tops our sale is forest green Bridal Anarkali Salwar Kameez […]

How To Draw Shadow On A Face

If you are working on a portrait that is set mostly in shadow (low key) then a lot of dark darks will be used. A "high key" (whispy, pastel, faded) portrait will have few blacks, but more light grays. […]

How To Cut And Join Audio In Audacity

For such purposes, you could use an all-round audio editing freeware program like Audacity, but that isn't the most convenient or efficient way. Your best bet is probably to use a smaller, more specific program for the jobs: a lightweight freeware splitter or joiner. And you'll be better off choosing a lossless splitter or joiner that will cut or merge your files speedily, even on an oldish […]

How To Build An Electric Guitar

You may not know this, but I used to make music on YouTube a long time ago. Back then, I watched a lot of other YouTube musicians and one of them was Rob Scallon. […]

How To Draw A Perfect Body

*For the body start drawing the line pointing where the tip of the shoulder is and make it curve in to give him a tall lengthy look and bring them back out about to the same width from when you start. make this part long like hes extending out wards. […]

How To Allow People To Edit

20/12/2011 · I have a bukkit server with a few plugins.One of them is MiHomes plugin and for some reason only ops can use the home commands.How to allow non-ops use them? Rollback Post to Revision RollBack #2 Dec 19, 2011 […]

How To Create A Pdf For Web

To optimize Pdf for web, you should link back to the pages of your own site. The deep linking will be best in this case. It would help you to get referral traffic to your posts. As an additional benefit, if someone hosts your file to his or her site server, it gives a natural backlink to your inner pages. […]

How To Download Songs From Pc To Iphone

Here are a few programs you can use in place of iTunes to transfer music from your computer to your iPhone. CopyTrans Manager for Windows If you're a Windows user, there's a free program called CopyTrans Manager that can fully replace iTunes and relieves you of some of its common annoyances. […]

How To Download Music From Itunes To Lg G5

For whom want to transfer iTunes music and playlist to LG G7 can use Syncios Data Transfer for help. Syncios Data Transfer can achieve all these transferring work. You can also transfer music from other device LG … […]

How To Cook Moringa Seeds

How to Use Moringa Seed. Moringa seeds, from the Moringa tree, are natural coagulants, giving them the ability to bind with sediments in water and then sink to the bottom, leaving behind clean water. In many areas of the world this is a true miracle, turning dirty, filthy water into clean water in less than an hour and at very little cost. […]

How To Cut Slanted Pictures On Word

The data I want to label are essentially pictures, of varying size, with a resolution of 50pixel/cm (around 127ppi). The best analogy of the transformations of my data would be a picture of some random object taken next to a ruler. […]

Fb How To Ask For Recommendation

The more specific you are when you ask someone to write a letter of recommendation, the more likely the document will be an effective tool for you to use in your job search. Deciding Whom to Ask Former supervisors, professors, teachers and coaches are all appropriate people to approach for letters of recommendation. […]

How To Create Learning Environment

Preventing abuse, neglect and exploitation in disability services requires continuous improvement in service delivery. Creating an organisational environment that values learning enhances review, monitoring and improvement processes, which then has the flow-on effect of improving the capacity of the service to respond to and prevent abuse […]

How To Become A Successful Philanthropist

The Philanthropy Workshop is a network of over 450 global leaders committed to solving the world’s most pressing social issues. As the largest network of its kind, TPW engages humble actors who seek to leverage their time, talent, resources and networks for sustainable impact. […]

How To Clean Stained Ceramic Tile Floors

26/01/2012 · The best way to clean ceramic tile is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar to scrub the floor, sweep up the dust left after scrubbing, and mop the floor with water and a splash of vinegar. […]

How To Become A Certified Financial Planner In Massachusetts

Becoming a Financial Planner in Massachusetts The Massachusetts Department of Labor and Workforce Development reported in 2006, that there were 9,950 insurance sales agents employed in the Commonwealth, many offering annuities and life insurance so as to offer financial planning services. […]

How To Download Sports On Firestick

Watch Live IPTV channels & Live Sports on cCloud TV Kodi Addon with no subscription needed. The Guide of how to install cCloud TV with Lazy Kodi Repository on Krypton, Jarvis & FireStick. Exclusive Discount: Get 74% Off on Purevpn on its Two Year Plan. […]

How To Clear Youtube History On Android Phone

Want to Clear Youtube Search History using Android smartphones or tablets? Check out this quick steps to delete your youtube searched history on Android smartphones or tablet. […]

How To Build A Hut From Sticks

Now that you have learned how to make olive garden breadsticks, pizza hut cheesesticks, please be sure to view these other bread sticks recipes. Also, you will love these Italian recipes . 7 […]

How To Clear Acne Holes On Face

Regarding pimple treatments to prevent permanent acne lesions or pimple holes, some things need to be consider, such as: Avoid using harsh skin products. You will know the products contain harsh chemicals and ingredients when you feel burn sensation or itching when the products are applied onto face. […]

How To Cancel Order On Miniature Market

The Miniature Market coupon discount will adjust your order total. Some sellers also offer Thank. If not, navigate back through the checkout process and try again. Some sellers also offer Thank. If not, navigate back through the checkout process and try again. […]

How To Clean Carpet At Home By Hand

You can also clean an oriental handmade rug at your home. There are two methods which you can apply for cleaning your carpet on a daily basis. There are two methods which you can apply for […]

Aternos How To Add Maps

In fact, the total size of main page is 454.8 kB. This result falls beyond the top 1M of websites and identifies a large and not optimized web page that may take ages to load. 30% of websites need less resources to load. […]

How To Build Own Website From Scratch

Scratch is a visual programming language. It can be accessed as a free desktop and online multimedia authoring tool that can be used by students, scholars, teachers, and parents to easily create games and provide a stepping stone to the more advanced world of computer programming. […]

How To Cook A Good Steak At Home

Learn how to cook the best steak of your life with the help of olive cookery writer and ex-chef Adam Bush. Impressive steak cuts . If you want an alternative steak recipe, try one of our ideas including coffee-rubbed dry-aged T-bone steak. Togarashi tomahawk. This BBQ steak recipe is a real crowd pleaser. We have created a togarashi spice mix to give the steak […]

How To Cook Frozen Boudin Balls

23/01/2013 The smoked boudin and crawfish boudin is awesome and the boudin balls are great as well. Tried the seasoned cracklins and found them to be bland. Tried the seasoned cracklins and found them to be bland. […]

How To Become A Scuba Diving Instructor Uk

Anyone who can dive and enjoys working with people can easily become a scuba instructor. As PADI is the world leader scuba diving organization Ill introduce the PADI Scuba Instructor Course here. As PADI is the world leader scuba diving organization Ill introduce the PADI Scuba Instructor […]

How To Cook Deer Back Staps

Recipes For Cooking Venison Back Strap Kristle Lipman June 24, 2018 Preparation for this recipe i use either half a backstrap how to cook backstrap easy grilled venison backstrap the best way to prepare delicious and flavorful how to cook venison backstrap perfectly with a reverse sear outdoor life […]

How To Download Netflix Shows For Offline

2/12/2016 · If a Netflix movie or TV show is available for offline viewing, you will see a download icon on its details page. Just tap that, wait for the download to finish, and your Netflix content is ready […]

How To Draw Gang Signs

KNOW SIGNS A Guide to Gang Identifi cation THE A handbook for educators, community leaders and law enforcement. […]

How To Cook Raw Italian Sausage

31/12/2018 · Easy Lentils and Sausage Stew is an Italian Fall Soup made with Italian Sausages, Lentils and Fresh Veggies. Healthy, Filling and Delicious. The … […]

How To Draw A Pencil In Illustrator

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to draw a soft, dreamy profile composition using a mechanical pencil and colors added with color pencils. With only a … […]

How To Become A Car Trader

Of course theres a lot of ways on how to become a luxury watch dealer. Here I will share my proven and tested ways since I followed this step and after 2 months I became a successful watch dealer Here I will share my proven and tested ways since I followed this […]

How To Add An Empty Object By Script

The Scripting Guide contains an introduction to scripting and tutorials. You can also find a number of useful scripts that you can run, such as a script that draws guides around the selected object. Some of these scripts appear by default in the Scripts panel. […]

How To Cook Eye Fillet Steak On Bbq

Eye fillet steak is a real treat – expensive but oh so tender. A very quick and impressive entertaining dish (make the sauce in advance). This makes quite a lot of sauce, I usually have enough left over to freeze some and use some more to flavour a soup or casserole. […]

How To Clean Suede Handbag

Do not store suede in a plastic bag, or other non-breathable storage bag as the suede may dry out and crack. Suede is a type of leather. Generally, for a thorough cleaning, it is best to have suede garments professionally cleaned. […]

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